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The importance of Onpage Optimization

It is important to perform onpage optimization for the keywords you are targeting.

We recommend the following for onpage optimization:

1. Get keyword into your URL (create a subpage on your site that has the keyword in the URL and create content on that page related to that keyword)

2. Get keyword density on that subpage set to 1-3% for that keyword (Do not exceed 3% keyword density. This is known as “keyword stuffing” and this can hurt your rankings)

3. Get keyword into Meta Tags of subpage

4. Get keyword into Meta Title of subpage

5. Get keyword into Meta Description of subpage

After your website has been optimized for your selected keywords, you can purchase a backlink package to improve your Google rankings

Although, it is not necessary to perform on page optimization if you don’t want to, but in our experience, offpage optimization (backlinks) works much better with proper onpage optimization.

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